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NBTVTODAY.com is a New Media Marketing Platform wrapped in Entertainment. It is also an original online television network based out of New Brusnwick. It’s a great source of information and entertainment. We provide broadcast quality online episodes that cover a variety of topics – business tips from economic development professionals to Spoofs of shows you know on TV and ones we’ve created – like Botswana Bound and Living Like a King.

Our purpose is to provide quality content that is New Brunswick centric, but that has appeal to people across the country (or world for that matter). There is local content that provides anyone interested in New Brunswicks with information on what’s happening in our beautiful Province.

There is also a section in our online network dedicated to talented individuals. Check it out. If you feel that you belong to this category, send us an e-mail and you may be part of the wall of fame in our NB Showcase.


Your opinion matters. We’re building our network on your opinions and requests. If you’ve got something to say or want to the tell province (or world) what’s going on in your part of New Brunswick, then video tape it and send it in. Show us what’s going on. This is your chance to participate and be part of growing video expose on New Brunswick.

If you’ve just got a question, then send us an e-mail and we will respond within 2 business days. We also encourage you to post comments to videos and respond to other viewers’ comments as this also helps us build.

If you’ve got an idea for a show or better yet, if you’d like to see something happen in one of our episodes, we’d also like to hear from you. If we decide to use your idea, you will get a special NBTVTODAY.com shout out and swag! How cool is that?! We are also constantly trying to improve the network and invite any suggestions you may have.

Feel free to browse our FAQ section since we have answered frequent questions from other users such as yourself and compiled all of our answers in one convenient spot.

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By registering, you will be amongst our privileged viewers (woo hoo), which will allow you to:

  • get updates on our latest videos and series.
  • get a say in which shows you’d like to see us develop.
  • get to participate in all of our great contests.
  • upload your own content in order to share your creative talent with the rest of the world.
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If you’re from New Brunswick and have an event you’d like locals to participate in, you can add your event to our NB Speaks page. You can add a time, a date, a location and even an image to promote your event!

Is there anything else you’d like to be able to do on this site? Let us know!


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