The Agency

Not all advertisements are created equal – and neither are all ad agencies. Budgy Cherrywood gives us a candid look into the agency life so we can see where creativity and reality intersect.

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Paranormal Paranoia

There are all kinds of things that go bump in the New Brunswick night. Our investigator follows the sounds to uncover the truth no matter how hideous the results. But he doesn’t have to be the only one. If you've got your own New Brunswick paranormal stories, photos or videos to contribute, send them in! If you dare….

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Earn your Wings

Everyone dreams they can fly...and some of us do. The world renowned Moncton Flight College has been training pilots for over eighty years. Their techniques and instruction makes them one of the best in the world. See what it’s like to start your path to becoming a pilot of the skies and travel the world.

Moncton Flight College


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Living like a King

What’s it like to live like The King – or at least while you’re on stage? Thane Dunn, is perhaps the best Elvis tribute artist in the world. See privileged footage of what goes on behind the scenes of concerts, concert footage, the fans and anything else that could possibly happen in his day-to-day activities when living like The King.

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It Is Only Funny When They Are Laughing!

Being a professional Funny Man is not easy. Especially if people don't think you are. But, if they do find you funny, then it's 'mission accomplished'. Follow New Brunswick comedian Julien Dionne as we waxes poetic about his life as a stand-up comic. And how is plans to make it in the City that Never Sleeps, NYC.

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One word says it all! These series will entertain you no matter what you like to watch! We have such a large variety, that you are sure to find something that will keep you laughing or crying (from laughter hopefully) for the rest of the day! At least that's what we're aiming for! Enjoy!

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