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NB Speaks (message board)

This is your place to voice your opinions on the most popular topics of the day! If you have something to say – share it. If you’ve got an event going on – post it. Check out the events map listing many events that are happening (or are going to happen) all across our beautiful Province.

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NB Showcase

The artistic talent in or coming from New Brunswick is immense whether it’s opera, fiddles, voice, visual or anything in between. We are proud to show them to you and invite you to share your artistic talents with us and the rest of the world. If you think you belong in this category, send us an e-mail!

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Members Videos

Every single corner of our province has somethng of interest. Whether it's a scenic panorama from the North Shore or crazy dog tricks from somewhere else. If you've got a video of something you'd like to share, then post it on your New Brunswick network.

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Frye Festival

The Frye Festival honours Canadas famous literary critic Northrop Frye by bringing together a list of world renowned authors. Take a look at some of these sneak previews on what you can expect during the festival. 


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Moncton 2010

For seven days  from July 19th to the 24th, , the junior sporting world will run, jump, throw and vault its way around the new outdoor stadium designed specifically for them. And the city of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada will revel in all that they do. See the stadium, the behind the scenes, and the interviews with those involved before, during and after this great and spectacular event.




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If you're from New Brunswick or if you dream about living here then this is the place for you. We have current news from all over our beautiful Province. We have an online community events section that keeps you up to date with the most important events of the Province as well as a place where you can voice your opinion on the hottest topics of the moment. Also, if you're in the mood to see some local talent, our showcase will more than satisfy your needs! Check it out!

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